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Mind Movement Mission is empower people

Mastering their minds living in the moment

Move to a more positive mindset

Manifesting life goals via Neuroplasticity

The Masterclass modules
Science to master your mind & manifest your life. Start with video 1 and will Guide you weekly step by step

01 A – How to use breath to improve your health

01 B – Breathing techniques to calm your body and mind

02 – How to Give Your Mind a Break

03 – Science of Sleep

04 – Best Types of Movement for Health

05 – Brain gut connection

06 – How Gratitude can change your brain (and your life)

07 – Better Together: Why Connection Makes Us Happy

01 – What is Neuroplasticity

02 – Dopamine addiction

03 A Why is change do hard

03 B Why do we fear change

04 – How to program your subconscious

05 – Can you be addicted to stress

06 A – Why do we have negative thoughts

06 B – How to deal with negative thoughts

07 – How to deal with negative people

08 – How emotions get stuck in the body

09 – Understanding the Internal family system

10 – “Burnout and boreout: How to spot them and regain balance

01 – Dopamine detox

02 – Emotional intelligence

03 – Concentration & willpower

04 A– What is meditation & why is it so hard

04 B – The science of meditation

04 C – Types of meditation & tips

05 A – The science of manifesting (circumstances don’t matter)

06 – Mastery of Your Mind the secret to manifesting your goals

Or just use the app amazing tools like

Gratitude journal for a more positive mindset

Habit tracker to track your progress

Mindrest (NSDR) to relax your mind

Mobility to release tension

Breathe work to recharge

Meditation for self-reflection

Affirmations you can program in the subconscious mind

The Mind Movement blogs

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